Monday, November 18, 2013

Spread your wings and fly...

A little bit of inspiration for the aspring dancers out there..
Never too late to start dancing.. :)

Love and Light to all..
me Ninot

Friday, July 19, 2013


Dearest Readers,

Apologies for not posting much here.. I have moved into my very own studio aka me Ninot playground :)

Thanks to Mommy for letting me use her empty first floor space..

been catching up with my crafts and currently completing "Project Fun Cuddles" Lap Quilt
 for a special person in my life...

Just a moment then, I was inspired to create yo-yo posies cushion to match the quilt using the same fabrics from the quilt..splash of colours; bright and pastels all mash together..

Today, spent time with mom in her studio downstairs learning how to use the overlocker
 & had an A-HA moment:) 

"OMG, I'm so gonna overlocked everything!!" Mom just looked at me all amused..

Happiness is when I'm inspired to craft, to create, to sew for my loved ones :)Happiness is when lupus decided to be nice to me today :)

 Photos to follow soon..

Light and Love to all of you...

the one and only me Ninot...

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Time really do fly and now it's already the month of May.
A very important month to me because...

It has been 10 years living with lupus..going through the ups and downs..
the trips to the doctors, tests and more tests...and I'm thankful to have met doctors who actually do care straight from their hearts and willing to embark on this journey with me..
always on the hope of making it easier..trusting that God will work through them, I have managed to get through the last 10 years with my head held high..
Nevertheless, this has been a journey and it is still is.. It's frustrating at times..
I have learned to understand and accept that it's okay to be upset and frustrated 
because we are still human after all..

Lupus is such a mystery..cruel some might say as no one knows 
when it will stop progressing in the body and how far it will spread...
To better understanding of Lupus please click here :)

I was ready to give up living as I didn't see the  point of living until I realized that there's still FAITH, HOPE and there's still so much more  LOVE to give..Sometimes, we may not understand why this happens to us but I truly believe to everything there's a reason...

I have chosen to embrace my life with it, we just need to figure out a way to get around it..
Some days are harder than the other but life still has to go on.. maybe a little slower but I have chosen life and will stick to it :)
I just pray that I continue to have the strength and faith to get through it all..

I hope that you will all join in my quest and journey to find a cure for lupus or even spreading a better understanding of lupus to everyone out there..

I Love you all with all of my heart....

Thank you bang for getting through all this with me..
Thank you for being so patience and loving..
Thank you mommy and daddy for being so strong..
Thank you Franciscan Sisters and Fathers of St Joe for praying for me...
Thank you Mdm Monica for being a strong support...
Thank you my dear SFS girls including My best friend for being so positive..
Thank you to my Aussie family/friends for being so accommodating..

Together we will make a difference..

God Bless all of you...

me Ninot

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Collaborative Happiness Project...

Hi everyone,

Finally, it seems likes forever have gone by and I'm finally back..
Bringing my blog back to life...
My apologies for not progressing with me Ninot 
I really appreciate your understanding.. 

It has been an amazing journey with wedding bells included , I couldn't have ask for more :) 

The Love of My Life... :)

Apart from a long obstacle along the way 
that kept me from getting back into my crafts..
I miss it so much and having Crafting Withdrawals..

The truth, I had a relapse. I live my day-to-day life with SLE or better known as Lupus.
I have been in remission for quite sometime and now its back. 
It's just another draw back but that doesn't mean I will stop living.
I have chosen LIFE :) and just need to re-think my strategies to embrace life..
It has been too long to get back on my feet and I won't let this pull me back...

This explains the constant delays in trying to get myself together because honestly sometimes, getting out of bed seems like the hardest and feeling overwhelmingly fatigue at the same time doesn't help.

A quick shoutout to my girls for their love even through the worst of days

I've learned to embrace the pain. Embrace the solitude. Embrace the constantly changing plan of my day as my pain and energy levels fluctuate. I surrender. I simply trust that whatever is in front of me at any given moment, He is in the center of it.   
- Sara Frankl May 13 1973 - September 24, 2011 
This quote is written by a dear friend I met in the blog world..Sara is a beautiful person inside out..
I thank God I found her here cause she has given me so much more 
hope to continue living and choosing joy.. I'm so glad our paths crossed..

I am Inspired by The Collaborative Happiness Project by KIKKI.K and Gretchen Rubin's book 
The Happiness Project Book ...
credits to

I will be embarking on the Happiness Project of my own...
Taking baby steps to a bigger better fulfilled life.. Will be sharing my journey through my crafts..

Have a lovely Easter everyone...

With love and prayers,

the one and only,

me Ninot

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Garden of Hope...

Presenting a Garden of Hope....

Finally a bunting for my own use..using Cath Kidson fabrics.. so in love with the colors and the patterns.
Bias strip is actually a Liberty fabric from Calico & Ivy. Managed to sneak in a purchase before going for my holiday.
This is inspired by my new year's resolution to continue 
having FAITH, to be HOPEful for the best and giving out as much LOVE as  I can..
and my new chapter in life...

Close up...

My love for you will never ends..

We love because He first loved us :) 1 John 4:19

Until then,

my love to all..

me Ninot